What to Drink if You Don’t Like Water + Liquid and Leaf Giveaway

While I crave optimal hydration, I consistently hear when educating on it’s benefits that people don’t know what to do because they “hate water”. The first I’d heard of anyone ever disliking water was in college. My friend, a swimmer on the team too, was very open about her dislike for this necessary nutrient and satisfying beverage. Then, I couldn’t fathom making it through a day without adequate water, but over the years I have developed a list of “go-to” alternatives to plain water for those of you that get bored with the beverage. Continue reading

More Not Less Fluid Challenge

The fruit and veggie challenge may be complete (or you can start now) but I hope you are now inspired to continue to prioritize them each day. If you found it difficult or stressful to get more in, myself or a registered dietitian near you can help. Our job is to help you find easy ways to change your habits and make healthy work for you. While it does take effort to change your habits, it shouldn’t seem impossible.

On to the next challenge: WATER! Continue reading

Introducing Kelly Jones Nutrition Business Page with Free Hydration Guide

Happy Friday everyone!

I hope you’ve all been amping up your fruit and veggie intake all week and noticing positive changes. Even if you didn’t completely meet your daily goals, it’s still a positive change to be thinking more about including these nutrient powerhouses. Don’t beat yourself up over not reaching exactly what you had planned, just start over the next meal or next day with a clean slate!

While I’ll be introducing a new challenge on Sunday, today I’m writing to introduce you to my new business page for Kelly Jones Performance Nutrition. While my blogging and recipes will remain here, at EatRealLiveWell.com, more information on my services will be available on my business site, KellyJonesNutrition.com. Continue reading