Pumpkin Buckwheat Pancakes with Spiced Apple Topping

Here’s a distraction {or some comfort} if you need it the morning after Election Day – fluffy delicious pumpkin pancakes that will give make you feel as if you’re eating a comfort food but will actually give you plenty of nutrients. Bonus: if you add the toppings I recommend below instead of maple syrup, you’ll be keeping your blood sugar from crashing and releasing excessive adrenaline and cortisol (aka less anxiety and stress).

Sunday is still usually a pancake days in the Jones household. We regularly enjoy my original buckwheat oat pancakes (with a pumpkin option), almond flour banana pancakes, and super chocolatey protein pancakes but, this fall I thought the former needed a huge pumpkin boost!

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Garlic Herb Salmon Sandwich

Disclosure: I received the Sabra Spreads mentioned in this post. Opinions stated are my own.

While the sabra spread contest ended a few weeks ago, my use of the spreads is still going strong. I’ve used the garlic herb and cracked pepper on eggs and roasted potatoes but, I had to share this sandwich recipe, too. Last week on “National Kale Day” (yeah, I celebrate as many of those food days as I can), after a tough workout, I decided to throw the grilled salmon that I had marinated in the Sabra spread on some sprouted grain bread with steamed kale, sprouts, onion tomato and more of the spread. It was amazing! It’s also a lot easier than you think to make delicious salmon on a weekday! Hopefully I can motivate you to cook up this great source of recovery protein and anti-inflammatory omega-3’s and throw it on some sprouted grain bread to refuel those muscles! 

The veggies and sprouts are an easy way to give your sandwich a nice crunch, and make it more colorful. Remember, you eat with your eyes first and should be eating a rainbow! I used Lancaster Food Co. bread this time around but, you can read more about my bread recommendations here. Continue reading

Healthy Chickpea Flour Banana Muffins


I am a huge huge fan of chickpea flour but until recently (as in this week) was limiting my use of the ingredient to thickening soups and making pizza crust or flatbread. I saw Ambitious Kitchen’s banana bread recipe and was inspired. After several tests on my own, I landed on this muffin recipe!

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Vegan Ricotta Recipe

It doesn’t get any more simple or delicious for dairy free cheese than this!

I first tried out vegan tofu ricotta this past Christmas with my family. I was rolling out and cutting some fresh made pasta for lasagna and also making eggplant rollatini. Growing up I spent holidays with both my Mom’s and Dad’s family which, while both big and fun, meant an over-abundance of food. My Dad’s side is 100% Italian so Christmas Eve, Christmas, the day after Christmas, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are memories of fun with cousins aunts and uncles around lots of fish, poultry, and of course pasta and cheese. Continue reading

Sports Nutrition Research & Products in Portland: SCAN Symposium Review Part II

My first Portland post was focused on the amazing food in this sustainable city. This post is going to highlight the conference I attended as well as the sports nutrition companies and new products that I discovered there too. SCAN is the Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition dietetic practice group (DPG). It is the largest DPG under the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics so it even has three sub-units (sports, wellness, eating disorders). I have been volunteering for the sports sub-unit doing social media for over four years and have been the head of the social accounts for three years now. So, if you’re following @SportsDietetics on twitter, that’s me and a great team of volunteers creating content! I was live tweeting the conference all weekend too – thank God for hootsuite!

SCAN RD’s are the best RD’s cause they want to eat healthy and exercise! But seriously. You would be surprised how many RD’s are not committed to an active lifestyle. This is the only nutrition conference that I go to where there are morning exercise activities each day, and those activities are ridiculously well attended. Yay fitness! Continue reading

Raw Cashew Cacao Goji Protein Snacks

My first National Nutrition Month 2016 creation is um…. YUM! After spending a zillion dollars on Whole Foods delicious raw cacao goji energy bites I thought I should probably just make my own! While they didn’t come out quite as dense as the ones in Whole Foods bulk section, I kind of liked the texture of these better! As you can see, they can be made into bars or balls easily, whichever your heart desires. I am a huge coconut fan so I rolled the balls in coconut for some extra flavor, texture, and to elevate the eye candy effect. Continue reading

A Taste of Tredici Enoteca

My trip back from Austin was hectic. After landing in Dallas around 4:25, I thought I’d have a tiny bit of time to grab a salad or some veggies to pair with an RxBar for a dinner of sorts on the plane. But, no, Dallas airport had different plans. I would sit on the runway at the back of the plane waiting for a gate to become available for a half hour and literally run to the tram and from the tram to my gate in a different terminal, panting as I just made my connecting flight to Philly. So, Rxbar alone for dinner it was. I had no veggies all day other than a few pieces of lettuce in a hummus wrap I was served at lunch and my body was craving some greens!

Saturday Feb 13 clearly was a busy Valentine’s celebration night so, to just roll up in Philly on the way home from the airport and find a table was risky. We headed to 13th and Sansom where there’s plenty to choose from. We hit Zavino first cause their Brussels and spag squash are ridic and put our name in. The plan was to check out Charlie was a Sinner next but we ran into Tredici Enoteca first, just in case they had room, because while we had not yet been there, it looks so fab and they have a vegetable section on their menu. Table for 2 was available and it was the best decision ever!

We sat down and were greeted with super fresh garlicky olives. I haven’t liked olives ever but, these weren’t bad. Tim love love loved them.

We were just planning to share some veggies and have a beverage. The server informed us that the menu is composed of “small plates” meant to be shared. We’re thinking, Garces style, 7 green beans will come out on a plate, but we were served massive portions! Below is the unbelievably yummy Mediteranean Sampler – plain hummus  w/ perfect flavor & texture, grilled bread, quinoa salad, edamame falafel and warm peppers & green beans. We also got extremely fresh green beans prepped in a garlic basil sauce as well as currant glazed Brussels {sans bacon}. The Brussels and falafel tasted just as good leftover as a snack the next day!  

Who else has been to Tredici? What did you order? We can’t wait to go back to try an entree soon!