Pulses: Protein and Prebiotic Powerhouses

Disclosure: I receive products from Enlightened Foods as well as samples and discounts for my clients. As always, I only work with products that align with my philosophies.

You must have heard by now that 2016 is “The International Year of Pulses”, right? No? What do you mean? Are dietitians the only neRDs that hear these things? Following a plant-based diet, I have been eating pulses pretty much everyday for years.

Now, you’re probably wondering what pulses are. Chances are many of you are already eating them regularly and, if you’re not it may be because you’ve heard they’ll make you gassy or you never ate them growing up.

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Expo East 2016 Review

Wow does this trade show have a lot to see! I could only make it for one day this year, and sadly didn’t have time for any of the educational sessions, but that day went by in the blink of an eye! There were so many new products on the floor (and many I’d seen last year) that I’m excited to recommend to clients, use myself, and keep my eyes opened for in local stores. As you can see below, I ended up able to bring plenty of products home… maybe too many!

I made it to the convention center right when the hot products expo was opening and bee-lined over to that area since the main floor wasn’t opening until 10. I thought it would be a quick stop but, all areas of the Baltimore Convention Center were packed with vendors. While I wasn’t speaking to the owners or employees of the companies, or other dietitians, I felt like I was running through the building past the other vendors! Continue reading

Raw Cashew Cacao Goji Protein Snacks

My first National Nutrition Month 2016 creation is um…. YUM! After spending a zillion dollars on Whole Foods delicious raw cacao goji energy bites I thought I should probably just make my own! While they didn’t come out quite as dense as the ones in Whole Foods bulk section, I kind of liked the texture of these better! As you can see, they can be made into bars or balls easily, whichever your heart desires. I am a huge coconut fan so I rolled the balls in coconut for some extra flavor, texture, and to elevate the eye candy effect. Continue reading