Fit Fueling for the Fitness Obsessed Female

This is written as part of a series of posts for Fit Fueling that outlines how and why Heather Caplan, RD and I decided to create a virtual Intuitive Eating and Sports Nutrition course for active women. Read Heather’s most recent post here.

If I were to survey every active person reading my blog, attending seminars that I give, or sitting in classes that I teach, I’d bet that the majority would never check off that they are an athlete. However, a large percentage of them likely are. Technically, an athlete is “anyone who participates in a sport” (according to Nutrition for Exercise and Sport by Dunford & Doyle). However, what if you’re someone who is doing an hour of group personal training followed by a spin class and then you attend yoga that night? You may be exercising more and putting your body under more stress than someone who is an archer (archery in case you’re wondering), and would consider themselves an athlete. Continue reading