Fit Fueling for the Fitness Obsessed Female

This is written as part of a series of posts for Fit Fueling that outlines how and why Heather Caplan, RD and I decided to create a virtual Intuitive Eating and Sports Nutrition course for active women. Read Heather’s most recent post here. This post was updated 1/8/19.

If I were to survey every active person reading my blog, attending seminars that I give, or sitting in classes that I teach, I’d bet that the majority would never check off that they are an athlete. However, a large percentage of you/them likely have activity levels much closer (or equal to) athletes than you think. Technically, an athlete is “anyone who participates in a sport” (according to Nutrition for Exercise and Sport by Dunford & Doyle). But, what if you’re someone who is doing an hour of personal training followed by a spin class? Or you clock a 6 mile run in the morning and head to yoga that night? Or, you chase a crazy active toddler around much of the day and then head to a personal training session? You may be exercising more and putting your body under more stress than a baseball player (trust me, I work with these guys and during the season intensity is pretttty low). Continue reading