Quick & Easy White Bean Chili

It’s okay if you indulged this weekend – and it’s also OK if you didn’t do any food prep for the week! Many people feel guilty, on top of feeling overwhelmed, when it comes to making food decisions during the week, but feeling guilt for not thinking ahead will never help your current situation. While I recommend prepping in whatever ways you can over the weekend, there’s a variety of reasons that sometimes it just might not be feasible. So, today I’m sharing a quick white bean chili that you can make with items you likely already have at home.

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Spicy 3 Bean Chili Recipe

*updated 1/6/14

Who doesn’t like chili? This recipe gives you all the flavor and warmth of this classic comfort food without the high animal fat and cholesterol! It’s easy to make (no expert cooking skills required) and can be even easier and much less time consuming if you throw all the ingredients into your slow cooker, which I cover instructions for at the end of the post. Each time I make it there are plenty of leftovers. Since it reheats well and contains all the balance you need in one meal for satiety and nutrient density, it can be a great recipe to add to meal prep day, and even one to freeze for later.

3 bean sweet potato chili

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