Maple Chia Roasted Pecans and Walnuts

Let’s be honest, it does NOT feel like August. I have woken up with temperatures below 60 in the past couple of weeks and my brain is saying it should be 90 outside. While I am not quite ready for fall and would love a few scorching days on the beach, I have been freezing all week and craving fall foods. I should still be enjoying fresh tomatoes, green beans, and bell peppers. Though I won’t cave in and have pumpkin anything for a good month, I had to cope with this abnormal weather. This week I made oven roasted candied nuts. While I have made this recipe before, my recent addition is the chia seeds. So long as you eat an actual serving size and not the whole bowl, this is a healthy way to indulge in this type of treat. With the walnuts and chia seeds, this snack is an omega 3 powerhouse too. There is plenty of research to support the anti-inflammatory benefits of omega 3’s.

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