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One diet does not fit all! Every person on this earth has their own individual needs and preferences. People are also fed too much invalid information in the media by people claiming to be health professionals, but really are not.  It is important to note that while every Registered Dietitian is a nutritionist, not every “nutritionist” is a Registered Dietitian. Having a dietitian representing your company means that the most up-to-date science based information is being accurately translated into easy-to-understand soundbites for consumers.

Kelly Jones MS RD CSSD LDN
My media proficiency, passion for fitness, advanced credentials, and time as an Assistant Professor set me apart in the fields of nutrition and sports nutrition. I was a Division I college athlete, my Masters education was largely focused on exercise science, and I am a Board Certified Sports Dietitian.  My experiences and knowledge allow me to relate well to athletes and those wishing to enhance their health with improvements in both their nutrition and exercise habits. In addition to sports nutrition, I specialize in plant-based nutrition, and nutrition for anxiety and stress management. You can see more details on my education, experience, and professional affiliations here.

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    • Hi Gail,
      I currently am not working with any insurance providers but am looking into Blue Cross’ Keystone plan. I can give you a receipt with diagnostic codes that you can submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. It is a good idea to ask your insurance company ahead of time about their policy on this and how much they will reimburse if you are going out of network! Email me at and we can chat about other questions or concerns you may have!

  1. Hi Kelly…I’ve been digging around on your website but do not see contact information. Am I missing it or are you currently not taking on new clients? Thanks!

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