Nutrition Services

Work with me to optimally fuel your body and mind!

One diet does not fit all! Every person on this earth has their own individual needs and preferences, which is why private nutrition coaching with a Registered Dietitian is so beneficial in improving your diet and lifestyle. It is important to note that while every Registered Dietitian is a nutritionist, not every “nutritionist” is a Registered Dietitian. You can see more details on my education, experience, and professional affiliations here.

My passion for fitness, advanced credentials, and experience as an Assistant Professor set me apart from other RD’s. I was a Division I college athlete, my Masters education was largely focused on exercise science, and I am a Board Certified Sports Dietitian.  My experiences and knowledge allow me to relate well to athletes and those wishing to enhance their health with improvements in both their nutrition and exercise habits. In addition to sports nutrition, I specialize in plant-based nutrition.

One-on-one Nutrition Coaching

Sports Nutrition

I will evaluate your dietary strengths and weaknesses, determine energy and nutrient needs based on your training demands, and provide personalized education on the science of sports nutrition. Together we will develop personal performance and nutrition goals, and I will provide you with resources and on-going support for your your action plan.

Health & Wellness

I will assess your health status and nutrient quality of your current diet and eating patterns, personalize education for you on why changes should be made, and we will work together to develop long term goals with an action plan. Necessary resources to support change are provided.

Speaking and Interactive Seminars or Demonstrations

For media appearances please contact Kelly via email at

Sports Nutrition

A “healthy diet” is much different for an athlete than a non athlete. Every team, sports club and fitness group wants to improve performance and I can make that easy by educating on nutrition and offering simple alterations to daily diets! I cater sessions to the specific sport and age group to aid in reaching goals. Teams can also be split by gender and position for more specificity. Whether you want one general education session or a series of 4 – 6 sessions focused on various hot topics in sports nutrition, I am your source of up-to-date research based information and tactics.

Corporate Wellness

Do you want to enhance the health of your employees to increase productivity and lower health care costs? I provide engaging face-to-face or webinar sessions with simple tips on how to eat right in and out of the office and incorporate more activity into the work day. Small changes make a big difference in energy levels, body weight, and long term health. Handouts are provided and props/sample foods are utilized in the presentations. Please contact me for a large list of topics or to propose your own.

Do you have a different workshop audience in mind? Contact me to discuss a personalized session for your group.

Additional Services

  • Nutrition communications: social media outreach, recipe development, product reviews and web videos, nutrition tool-kit development
  • Consulting for athletic clubs and wellness facilities.
  • Consulting with Coaches, Athletic Trainers, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and Personal Trainers.
  • Menu development for high school and college teams, athletic clubs, child-care centers.
  • Consulting and nutrient analysis for cafe’s and restaurants.

Education Materials

Whether your patients and clients are athletes, parents, have heart disease, are in a period of recovery, or just want to live a more energetic and healthy life, I can provide a variety of handouts for distribution.