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Good Day Philadelphia 11/15/17
Plant-Based Thanksgiving Side Dishes

6 ABC Action News 11/6/17
What’s the Deal: Healthy Food Trends Fall

6 ABC Philadelphia Action News 7/5/17
What’s the Deal: Healthy Food Trends

PA Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics 7/5/17
Healthy Travel for the Body & Mind

USA Swimming 6/22/17
Swim Faster Food: Improving Concessions

Today’s Dietitian RD Lounge 6/21/17
Tips for the Perfect Picnic

Oxygen Magazine 6/13/17
Ultimate Post-Workout Protein Wrap

US News & World Report 6/9/17
Foods 9 Nutritionists Never Eat at Barbecues

Washington Post 6/7/17
Nutrition for Evening Workouts

The List May 2017
What Healthy People Eat for Dinner

Women’s Running 5/26/17
What is Mindful Eating and is it Right For Runners?
featuring the Fit Fueling course

Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 5/24/17
Can Your Diet Contribute to Asthma and Allergies?

Women’s Running, March 2017, Fuel Tools Page 32-33
First half of article online 3/6/17
Dietetic Career Spotlight

The Huffington Post, 3/1/17
How Protein Can Help You Stave Off Colds

Runner’s World online, quoted 3/1/17
Higher Calorie Meals You Should Order Heart Healthy Appetizers 2/8/17
Featuring my Spinach & Artichoke Dip

NBC 10 Philadelphia @Issue 1/8/17
New Year New Diet Trends

Facebook Live with Newtown Athletic Club 1/3/17
#AskKellyRD Coconut Oil or Olive Oil?

WBCB 1490 “Speak Your Piece”
Importance of Strength Training & Protein Timing in Aging Adults
(Plus Q&A on carbs, supplements, cholesterol and fish)

Food and Nutrition Magazine Blog 12/9/16
5 Tried and True Practices to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia 11/30/16
Should you be “souping” instead of juicing?
Fox 29 Good Day Philadelphia 10/27/16
Could your evening snack be causing nightmares?

The Feed Feed Feature on my Tomato Sauce (November 2016)

The featuring my Cranberry Sauce (November 2016) with my Raw Cashew Cocoa Goji Snacks (October 2016)

What RDs Do Feature on Nutrishus blog (September 2016)

Fitness Magazine Smoothie Article featuring my Purple Power Smoothie (August 2016)

Philly Area Yoga, Chicago Area Yoga & DC Area Yoga blogs (August 2016)

Philadelphia Wedding Magazine 20th Anniversary Edition – Foods that beat bloat (Fall 2016)

E-book Back to School Nutrition for Busy Mom’s (August 2016)

Today’s Dietitian: Busting the Top 10 Carb Myths – Quoted (April 2016)

WBCB radio – heart health (1/21/16) and women’s health (2/25/16): Listen here

Club Solutions Magazine Feature (January 2016)

Be Well Philly’s best Holiday Pinterest Boards (November 2014)

Philly Instagrammers to Get You Pumped for the Week (November 2014)

Running Times Article on Fueling for an all day Invitational

Running Times Article on Good Fats for Athletes

Running Times Article on Thanksgiving meal pre NXN/Footlocker races Article on Ripe Fruits-Although I do believe more ripe bananas have more health benefits… that part didn’t seem to make the cut!

Why is it important to eat breakfast before my workout?











What are the benefits of Greek yogurt that is fat free versus full fat?







How should I alter my diet as I train for an Iron Man in 2016?



Should I be purchasing and using manuka honey? It’s expensive!





How can I lose 10 lbs of fat in 10 weeks?

How can I avoid colds this winter?






Is dark chocolate healthy?

Is the wax on fruits and vegetables bad for me?


What are antioxidants anyway?

Can you tell which nutrients are in foods based on their color?

What causes kidney stones and how can I prevent them?

What is the healthiest choice to put in my coffee?

Does soy cause breast cancer?

Does coffee impact my metabolism after a heavy meal?

What are healthy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth?


3 thoughts on “Kelly in the Media

  1. Hi Kelly. Hope you are having a great day and month!!
    I have heard that heating Olive Oil (even Extra Virgin) puts carcinogenic toxins in our foods, so one should never use Olive Oil in cooking, only for cool recipes like salads or dips. Use Sunflower or Safflower oil to cook with primarily. This is from a man who gives nutritional lectures all over the country, named Jeff Primac. He also states that Canola Oil is very toxic and carcinogenic, and that made from the Rapeseed Plant, even bugs will not go near the plant because of the toxicity. And lastly he states that peanuts contain a mold that cannot be removed from the nut, and that this mold is also toxic to the body. What are your findings regarding all of this?
    Ellen Stupak

    • Hi Ellen!
      Great questions. While it doesn’t necessarily “put carcinogenic toxins” in our foods, heating oils above their smoke point does change their chemical structure and diminish the healthy fats we hope to be getting from them. In terms of canola: my view is that if we are using any oil, we want to be able to safely say we would eat the seeds or food source it came from. Much of the canola oil in our food system is genetically engineered, which means it is sprayed with heavy pesticides when it is being grown. Don’t worry about the peanuts! People eat cheese which is mold all the time! Here is a great detailed answer on the aflatoxins from Dr. Weil:

  2. Kelly. Thank you very much for this excellent information regarding the oils, and especially the comments by Dr. Weil regarding peanuts. Very helpful and informative, giving me the opportunity to make informed choices!
    Ellen Stupak

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