Kelly Jones Nutrition

Kelly Jones Nutrition is here for everyone from professional and collegiate athletes, to weekend warriors and group exercise regulars, plus all the busy moms chasing kids around and trying to fit in a yoga class.

We know life is busy, and we have practical solutions to optimally fuel the body and mind.

By merging our science-based philosophy with practicality, Kelly Jones Nutrition distributes information to better serve physical health, mental health, and the planet. With a whole food, plant-forward emphasis, we also encourage flexibility in your eating pattern and fitness routine. This busy life is much more fun when we put less pressure on ourselves! So, say bye to overly prescriptive approaches that result in deprivation and hello to to a better relationship with food and the amazing things the body is capable of.


Kelly Jones MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

Kelly is passionate about empowering active individuals to optimally fuel their busy lives. She has a plant-forward approach to nutrition as she believes this eating style best serves you and the planet. As a board certified sports dietitian, mom and former division I athlete who competes in road races and triathlons, practices yoga, and weight trains, Kelly helps others integrate nutrition, fitness, and environmentally conscious habits into their lifestyle in a realistic way.

While nine years as a college professor reinforced the importance of evidence-based nutrition practice, her personal experiences and work with disordered eating and eating disorders in the athletic population stimulated her desire to merge her love of science with the philosophies of intuitive eating.

A personal interest in and experience working with patients on nutrition for mental health encouraged the holistic approach that Kelly takes on improving both physical and mental health with food. Her messages as a media spokesperson, during speaking engagements, and in one-on-one coaching sessions are all about empowering others to trust their body while applying the science of nutrition to individualized needs.

In individual and group settings, Kelly works with everyone from collegiate and professional athletes to active kids and parents. While she specializes in performance nutrition for professional swimming, professional baseball and endurance sports, Kelly has experience working with nearly all types of athletes.

She consults with the Philadelphia Phillies organization and has consulted for USA Swimming. She was also the founder of the nutrition program at the Newtown Athletic Club, a top three independent health club in the nation.

You can follow Kelly on Instagram and Facebook to see her most recent work in the media as well as obtain daily tips and recipes to fuel your active lifestyle. Subscribe to her YouTube Channel, Kelly’s Fit Kitchen, where she easily translates the science of sports and fitness nutrition into application-based tips for you and your family.

Education and Credentials:

BS in Nutrition and Dietetics, Minor Exercise Science: University of Connecticut

Dietetic Internship and MS in Nutrition, with a concentration in exercise science: University at Buffalo

Thesis: The impact of exercise on the relative reinforcing value of HED and LED foods

CSSD: Kelly has maintained a board certification in sports nutrition under the commission on dietetic registration since 2014. This NCCA accredited certification requires over 1500 hours of sports related nutrition practice and completion of an exam every five years. Just over 1,000 dietitians nationally maintain this certification.