I’m currently…

I get enough questions about all of these things all the time, so thought it would be fun to randomly share what I am currently…

(March 7, 2017)


Re-reading Intuitive Eating as I have some exciting plans for athletes in this area in the near future.

Snacking on:

Back to good old almonds and apples mid-morning

Food prepping:

Grains and legumes


Energy metabolism (you know you miss the krebs cycle 😉 )

Getting ready to travel to:

My next trip will be to Charlotte at the end of the month for SCAN Symposium!


Getting ready for dancing with the stars soon!

Making for breakfast:

Toast more regularly than ever. I love Kite Hill’s almond cream cheese spread with Trader Joe’s Everything but the bagel seasoning and an egg!

Packing with lunch:

See the snack above! Lucky to have lunch at home most days

Adding to everything:

See above on the Everything bagel seasoning!

Recipe testing:

Still trying to get my no-sugar added matcha oat cookies right!

Advocating for:

A non-diet approach and respecting our bodies with positive words!

Wanted to leave the last update from 12/9/16 up, too:

Empathy. And raising awareness of the issues with animal cruelty, and issues of not supporting climate change efforts. The food and lifestyle decisions we make each and every day continue to impact the future of our food system and eco system. While the agenda for the first 100 days of the next Presidency includes lifting restrictions on using energy reserves and oil (to increase jobs now but make us suffer in later years), moving forward with the keystone pipeline that is devastating to humans and animals, and ending support for UN climate change programs, it just means we need to be more aware of our lifestyle’s and purchases. You get to vote every time you eat or make a purchase!


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