Fluffy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

I hope you aren’t getting sick of fall flavors, because this won’t be the last post showcasing pumpkin, apple, cranberry or pear this season! These fluffy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are the texture anyone craves from a pumpkin treat and are lightly sweetened with honey (and chocolate chips, of course).

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Best of Florence for Foodies

Thanks for your patience on this post! I realize that while we are in winter coats in these photos, we have already seen 90+ degree temps this year, but better late than never, right?

Ah, Florence. This was hands down my favorite city we visited on the trip to Italia (you already know what Tim’s was). It’s somewhere I could see myself visiting for an extended period, and I would have even traded one of our night’s in Rome for another here. The beautiful and historic city sitting in the middle of gorgeous rolling hills here was just picture perfect no matter what your vantage point. Plus, I ate the best pizza I have ever had in my life and ate eggs I still think about some mornings, among many other amazing meals.

ponte vecchio

Where to Stay

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24 Hours in Milan

The posts you’ve all been waiting for are finally here! I am so excited to relive my trips through these posts that I will get right to it. Our trip began in Milan (after a long layover exploring Dusseldorf), and then we traveled to Venice, Florence, and Rome. I originally was only going to review the trip in two posts, but I ended up giving so much detail that I decided each city would get their own! There was so much to do, see and eat! I will post a review as well of our layovers in Dusseldorf and where to explore if you have a few hours to leave the airport.

If you’re torn about traveling to Italy in the winter months, don’t be. I highly recommend going right after Christmas though, so that you can enjoy all of the gorgeous decor! Continue reading

Butternut Squash and Sweet Pea Sage Pasta

Tim and I flew down to Jacksonville, FL, his home town, to spend Thanksgiving with his parents and see some of his friends. On Thanksgiving Eve, after working out, making cranberry sauce and gingerbread muffins, and prepping other food for the following day, we headed out to dinner at Taverna in San Marco. We all shared some ridiculously good brussels sprouts as well as spicy shrimp and broccolini {plus a bottle of sparkling Lambrusco – THE best}. Continue reading

A Weekend of Plant Based Eating in St. Louis

Last weekend we headed to St. Louis for my good friend Katie’s wedding. She and her now husband, Kevin, moved to the city for her post doc at Washington University. Katie and I lived together for our second year of grad school in Buffalo and while we had similar philosophies about where our food should come from, she was much more of a foodie than me! I have to attribute some of my foodie-ness to her and for this reason, immediately knew we’d have some good eats while visiting. She gave good recs but we also did some of our own research. Here’s what we ate and did!

We arrived and took the metro link right to our hotel across from Busch stadium. After dropping our stuff, since it was before check in, we walked to the arch and then ubered a few miles away to Lulu’s EateryContinue reading

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn Review 

It’s World Smile Day! In honor of that, and Wanderlust 108 coming to the city of Philadelphia, I wanted to share my 108 Brooklyn experiences and hope I can inspire you to smile a little bit more 🙂
If you live in a city with a Wanderlust 108, you have no excuse not to go! While I recommend paying for the event which allows you to do the run, extra yoga sessions, and gives you other perks, ANYONE can come to yoga, meditation and the festival for free!  Continue reading

This Is How You Do Pizza (with Nomad Review)


Yes, I am blogging about pizza. This is my 3rd of 5 posts in a series on carbs that started with my low-carb experiences and then touched on my favorite ways to enjoy pasta. While I eat it on a more regular basis and recommend it at home, this post isn’t about garbanzo pizza. It isn’t focused on cauliflower crust pizza either, though, I hear you can get one without any cheese mixed in at Pizza Yeah if you’re in Bucks County, PA.

Remember that dietitians are people too, and often are bigger foodies than you are! I wouldn’t tell you to go out for pizza several times per week and I would probably tell you to skip the local joint you have on speed dial too. I love pizza but if I am going to eat it, it better be damn good.  Continue reading

A Weekend of Summer Eats in NYC

Happy FriYay!

If anyone is traveling to NYC this weekend {or living there and not tapping into their foodie side} I’ve done all the work for you and found some of the best spots to eat delicious and real food, and enjoy drinks, in Lower Manhattan and Chelsea. I grew up about an 75 minutes from the city (or, you know, 75 hours in traffic) and went into NYC regularly. We’d usually train in to Grand Central station and spend most of our time in mid-town. The older version of me still enjoys that area but prefers the less touristy and more cultured part of this great city. Living 60-75 minutes in the other direction, I now unfortunately train into Penn Station and miss the glory of Grand Central Terminal but, it brings me in to Chelsea, closer to some of these delicious foodie spots. I’m excited to share the eats from mine and Tim’s 4th anniversary weekend get-away and plan to do a better job posting my eats from NYC visits to come! Continue reading

Eat Real Nantucket: Restaurant Reviews

Nantucket, where even the water meters are cute! There are plenty of places to eat and countless ACKtivities but here I am highlighting where you can eat healthfully, locally, and deliciously in fabulous environments.


If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw a LOT of posts from my trip to Nantucket with my husband a few weekends ago. My grandmother had a cottage every summer on the island growing up so Nantucket is a place with lots of warm and fuzzy memories for me. While I don’t actually remember it’s, I took my first steps as a baby there! Tim knew how special it was to me and after us visiting once together, proposed to me on a trip there 5 years ago. From what I remember he was going to wait to propose but could t hold it in and happened to ask me to marry him on Friday the 13th. Well, this year May 13th was a Friday again so 5 years later we just had to return!

As a child I of course was obsessed with the ice cream and fudge on the island but now, as an adult who happens to be obsessed with health, I’m so thrilled that there are so many local and farm to table options. Something that makes Nantucket unique (among many other things) is the lack of chain establishments. Stop & shop and Vineyard Vines are literally the only ones as far as I know! The vibe on the island is all about supporting local. So much of the produce at restaurants is from Bartlett farms and there are always options from the local brewery, winery and distillery anywhere you go. Continue reading

Healthy Food and Yummy Treats in Downtown Portland: SCAN Symposium Review Part I

Important highlights from my trip to Portland last weekend…

1. A healthy dietitian eats dessert. 

Want proof? Search #SCANsymposium in instagram. Donuts like woah (you can see my dessert choices below though). #Flexibility #NoOrthorexiaHere

2. There is not enough time to eat all the yummy things!

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