Patriotic Smoothie Pops

It isn’t a patriotic summer holiday in America without red, white, blue and sparklers! After a yummy burger, grilled veggies, or any of these dietitian approved barbecue recipes, these creamy patriotic pops are fun for kids and adults to eat at the end of a hot day.

Red White and Blue Popsicles

They can be made with or without dairy to satisfy any special diet and are super healthy and easy! Have a wonderful 4th of July –  God Bless America!

Red, White and Blue Smoothie Pops

Makes 6, 3-4 ounce Popsicles
Dairy Free Option

patriotic smoothie pops


  • 1 medium frozen banana
  • 5 ounces plain dairy or cashew yogurt (can use plain kefir or cultured dairy free beverage as well)
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/3 Cup frozen blueberries (wild or regular)
  • 1/2 Cup frozen strawberries
  • 5 ounces strawberry yogurt, dairy or cashew


  • Pulse the banana, plain yogurt and vanilla in a blender until smooth
  • Pour equal amounts into 3-4 ounce popsicle molds
  • Add 1/2- 1 Tablespoons blueberries to each mold, and stir around with a small spoon or popsicle stick
  • Place molds in freezer for 20 minutes
  • While the first half is in the freezer, rinse the blender before adding the strawberries and strawberry yogurt, and pulsing until smooth
  • Remove the popsicle molds from the freezer and top with the strawberry mixture
  • Add popsicle stick or the popsicle mold handle into the top
  • Place in freezer for at least 5 hours before serving



If you leave them out too long and things get sloppy, don’t worry, you’ll be left with a little art 🙂

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