What to Drink if You Don’t Like Water + Liquid and Leaf Giveaway

While I crave optimal hydration, I consistently hear when educating on it’s benefits that people don’t know what to do because they “hate water”. The first I’d heard of anyone ever disliking water was in college. My friend, a swimmer on the team too, was very open about her dislike for this necessary nutrient and satisfying beverage. Then, I couldn’t fathom making it through a day without adequate water, but over the years I have developed a list of “go-to” alternatives to plain water for those of you that get bored with the beverage. While seltzer is an obvious alternative, and you can take time to prepare pitchers of water with your favorite fruits, my best hydration tip is to drink more tea!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Liquid and Leaf. I received free products and am a founding member of their affiliate program. As always, I only align myself with companies whose philosophies are similar to Eat Real Live Well, and all opinions stated are my own.

Why tea?

  • There are endless options when it comes to the varieties of tea.
  • It can be enjoyed at any temperature.
  • High quality teas contain many antioxidants
  • Some teas have medicinal qualities

In the winter months, I some days find myself getting most of my fluids from hot tea. It warms me up if my office is a little cold, can ease digestive issues for my ultra-sensitive stomach, and it just tastes good! I drink different teas depending on the time of day. Here are some examples, because we aren’t talking only green tea, all day every day.

  • Green tea clearly has it’s health benefits as it is the one most referenced by the weight-loss obsessed media. While it can support a healthy metabolism, it’s antioxidants also have positive effects on the heart and inflammation levels in the body. It does contain caffeine though so, don’t start drinking 6 cups each day! I stop drinking coffee after breakfast and opt for green tea if I feel I need an energy boost.
  • Since ginger calms the stomach, ginger tea is my #1 when I travel or if something I ate isn’t sitting right. While I don’t get sick often, it also hits the spot should I be a little under the weather. Since it is naturally caffeine free, it is also my favorite to drink any time of the day!
  • I drink chamomile tea most nights of the week and recommend it to my clients who have trouble sleeping. It has a soothing taste and effect as it calms the body and mind. I am a type A go go go person and even when I lay down to rest at night, it is hard for my brain to shut down without having done yoga that afternoon. Grab me a cup of chamomile and a paper and pen to write down my thoughts for the next day and I am out for a great night of sleep

Not all teas are created equal

Many people have hopped on the tea bandwagon grabbing the basic brands at the grocery store or looking for a more luxury tea experience at boutique or chain tea stores. While the environment of these places and the price tag on the teas make you feel your buying the highest of quality, they often have you fooled. Whether drinking tea for hydration, enjoyment, or health, do you prefer your tea leaves come with added sugars, artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, fillers, and artificial flavors? Me neither. While I must say Whole Foods has a good selection, I am totally digging this new tea delivery service, Liquid and Leaf. Their unique varieties mix it up from my normal flavors with a huge hit of antioxidants. The tea leaves are also so potent that I have been getting two nice big mug-fulls per tea bag. You also don’t need to worry about buying a tea diffuser or special teapot since the leaves come in biodegradable tea tents. What I like most though, is how it can benefit my clients. Hear me out…

Previous scenario:
I tell my client to go to Whole Foods or a health food store and find X brand in Y variety to help with their specific ailment or meet their taste preferences. At our next appointment when I ask about their fluid intake and X condition they say “oh, I forgot to buy the tea! That would have helped me blah blah blah”.

New Scenario:
Go online with my client to Liquid and Leaf’s website, select the teas that best suit their needs and after a few clicks they’re getting monthly delivery of super high quality organic tea to their doorstep.


Drink enough water already? Well, I’ve already mentioned health benefits a few times.

  • For athletes, the turmeric variety can promote a reduction in inflammation thereby enhancing recovering and reducing muscle soreness. The same can have positive effects for those with joint pain.
  • As mentioned above, ginger has a very calming effect on the stomach. This is excellent whether you’re prone to motion sickness, have a stomach bug, or are dealing with morning sickness associated with pregnancy.
  • Chamomile is calming and can relax both the body and mind, promoting better sleep.
  • The EGCG in green tea is shown to promote a healthy metabolism and good energy levels.

Don’t worry, I am not just advising you to rush and buy Liquid and Leaf right away. FOUR of you will actually be getting a Liquid & Leaf delivery. It will contain two boxes of tea – both in whichever variety you choose (though I vote for the turmeric rooibos chai or the chamomile) for FREE ($24 value).

Nothing is better than free, quality, organic foods and beverages, am I right? A close second is having a discount. Seriously, who likes buying things at full price? If you just can’t wait and want to try Liquid & Leaf now, head over to their site, pick your boxes and use code EATREAL” for 20% off.

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Woohoo! Happy hydration everyone!






15 thoughts on “What to Drink if You Don’t Like Water + Liquid and Leaf Giveaway

  1. I love tea of all kinds! It is my go-to drink in every season. I would love to win the giveaway!
    Thank you.

  2. I never understand when people say they don’t like water! I also love tea though, so can totally get on board with sippin on more of that.

  3. I drink tea almost daily! I haven’t tried Liquid + Leaf but would love to try the turmeric tea!

  4. I drink tea in the winter and summer! It is an easy way to drink my water. This tea looks amazing. I would choose the turmeric rooibos chai if I win!

  5. What a great, unique post! I love it! Great thoughts on the tea shops, I must admit, I love a good green tea! I get a lot of nice varieties at TJs, but I’d love to try this!

  6. I loooove tea..I mean I can’t live without it..actually my hoby is to collect different sorts of tea and I would love to win that one :3

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