4 Modes in 4 Weeks – Don’t Judge Zumba

#4Modesin4Weeks? What am I talking about, you wonder? I may not be on the personal training staff at the Newtown Athletic Club but I do attend some of their monthly meetings and get all of the emails from their director. Their goal in August is to attend four new group exercise classes at the club. Why is this important? The more the trainers (and myself, and other employees) experience, the better they can make recommendations to their clients to keep them on track and loving exercise. I love to exercise and I love a good challenge so why not participate with them? 

I was getting ready to post my accountability picture on Instagram, since everyone needs to post there four modes on social media with #4modesin4weeks. But before pressing send I thought, “you used to think Zumba was stupid so why not blog about this?”.

I have to say Zumba isn’t brand new to me. I’ve been going since the end of May. But, I was anti-Zumba for years. Part of me thought when clients went weekly, they were afraid of intensity and didn’t really understand how to push themselves. Part of me, despite going to dance classes several times each week until I was 13 and watching my younger sister dance competitively through high school, was thinking “um, I’m an athlete, and a little dance session doesn’t count in my training”. 

Well obviously I’m writing this blog post cause I was wrong! After hearing people say it was the best workout they get all week, and hearing from some sales staff say people came to join the NAC (that has everything you can imagine) just for Zumba, I didn’t hesitate when our commit to get fit pilot group wanted to do a Zumba class for the “club choice” week. I knew I had to give it a try, but I still didn’t expect much. I left a glass having had a lot of fun realizing that I missed dancing and recognizing that it could actually be a good workout! I also noticed though, that you get what you give. I always push myself during exercise so I left having sweat a decent amount. If I hadn’t put any effort though I could’ve strawberry glass and left as if I’d been walking for an hour. 

Time went by and I didn’t attend another class. But at personal training/group ex happy hour one night, I ended up in a conversation with Rosalyn. If you don’t know the NAC, Rosalyn is the reason people come and get a membership for the Zumba. Her classes are intense, sexy and fun but she’s got soemthing that keeps high school age through, no kidding, 65+ coming back for more. She’s the reason I actually kept going too. That night at happy hour I learned that her super fit mom bod stays that way from only dance and eating well (and probably good genes too!), and that despite doing these classes for many years, she still find them super hard on the body and gives herself dayS off each week to recover. Even more important, I saw she’s just as passionate about teaching these classes as I am about nutrition! Her face beamed with excitement talking about how much she loves seeing so many women have fun working hard and that many have drastic improvements in their confidence. I left that night having decided I needed to go. 

I quickly learned that with the right instructor and right music you “can’t stop the feeling” and with the right amount of effort, Zumba can be harder than a 10K race. At the same time it goes by way faster cause you’re having way more fun. The data on my my zone report and the smile in my rare accountability selfie today are proof. 

In closing, whether it’s a new food new exercise or alternative health treatment, don’t knock it till you try it. And listen to Justin and just dance dance dance!!!
PS I also tried this delicious plant based Amrita protein bar after to refuel on the run – highly recommend! 

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