Stress Management Monday – 4th Edition – Say No

For the fourth edition of stress management Monday, I encourage everyone to learn when to say no. Note that I did not tell you to just “say no” all the time. I often read posts and articles online about how to reduce stress and “saying no” often comes up. The focus of my post is related to saying yes in a career setting when you don’t want to, this might apply to your relationships, food, alcohol, or other areas of life.While I am at a point now in my career that I should be saying no more often, I know that if I wasn’t a yes person during grad school and the first few years after, I would not be where I am today as a professional.

Everyone has a different journey, and maybe based on what is going on in someone’s life before they reach a point of success, they must say no, take a step back, and focus 100% on their mental and or physical health and well being. That is okay too! To maintain a feeling of comfort in my career, finances, and relationships, I thought I had to continue to say yes to work all of the time. Thank God I have a wonderful husband and network of Nutrition Entrepreneurs that convinced me otherwise.

Now I am realizing that saying no to some things means you can say yes to the things you want! This semester I decided to cut back from all of the extra work I was doing as a professor to allow more time for my private practice. Just by spending a little more time networking and maintaining current relationships, the shift in energy and focus has already been worth it. The extra hours I was spending at the college that made me like teaching less are now filled with new and exciting entrepreneurial opportunities (literally every day) as well as a tad bit more time for sleep which was absolutely suffering in the past.

In my inbox one morning from was a little blurb on the plant holy basil  as an Ayurvedic stress reducer. While I found plenty of websites that tout it for its ability to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone I talked about in the 2nd edition), I had a hard time finding published scientific research in the time I had to look. As a plant used for centuries, it can’t hurt. After researching it I found a box of organic holy basil tea at the one and only Home Goods and obviously brought it home. I don’t notice any specific changes in mood compared to other teas but, it does taste good!

Oh, and this cute little mug mantra is a great reminder for some of those tougher days (still available at anthro). Don’t overextend yourself all the time – some days may have more work than others but chronic stress means negative physical and mental health. Your mental and physical best IS enough. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Happy Monday!

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