Oct 2015 I am currently…

I get enough questions about all of these things all the time, so thought it would be fun to randomly share what I am currently…


Snacking on:

Saffron Road chickpeas – Bombay Spice Flavor 

Food prepping:

Squash. Cause fall.


Energy metabolism #itsscience




I don’t watch much TV but the backstreet fan in me is loving Nick Carter on dancing with the stars. #ktbspa

Training for:

Life? I just did the Flyers Charities 5k and was supposed to run the Rothman 8k but plans that weekend changed. Any ideas for a race?
I started team personal training at the NAC this month and my 3rd session this past Monday had my glutes sore til Wednesday – fun to switch up my workouts!

Making for breakfast:

Buckwheat pumpkin pancakes
ith 1 Cup extra pumpkin per recipe….

Packing with lunch:

Local Solebury Orchards Melrose apples

Choosing for protein: 

Wild caught cod

Adding to everything:

Hemp seeds – any brand really

Recipe testing:

Nutritional yeast free vegan cheese… think I nailed it… sharing soon…woohoo!


IOnutrition and Fresh n Lean organic delivery meals

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