New Beginnings and Best Nutritionist Nomination

I have waited way too long for my first post of 2015! In my defense, I have already had a busy month. My husband and I bought and moved into our first home, and have been decorating and painting up a storm. I can’t wait to whip up some new recipes in our new kitchen! I also co-ran an advising institute at Bucks for new faculty advisors, and have had several new work opportunities too. Since it is MLK Jr. day, I thought I would share a quote that drives my career and personality on a daily basis:

photo 1 (1)I am in the field of nutrition not only because I enjoy eating healthy food and staying active. I am always promoting real food and good health because I want everyone to have an understanding of how the daily choices they make impact not only their own health, but also the health of others, food production and cost, and the environment. Ignorance is not bliss. Lack of knowledge, whether intentional or not, will often come back to someone, making them wish they had made changes sooner to prevent the consequences of their actions. No matter how old we are, we should never stop learning or stop evolving our knowledge, beliefs and actions! I hope in 2015 to be able to educate more individuals than ever before so they can make the best decisions for themselves, their families, communities, and our world.

2015, as I mentioned above, is off to a busy, but great, start. I have several new clients and am getting ready for another semester of teaching (which starts Wednesday) at Bucks County Community College. While my best work friend has taken a position at Temple University, and I will miss him dearly, the Exercise Science program we created is really kicking off this semester and I can’t wait to see students benefit from it. I am most excited however, for a new opportunity that begins next week at the Newtown Athletic Club. I have been a member at the NAC for several years now and am thrilled to join their team part time to provide free nutrition seminars to members and other inspiring health programs in the near future. What I love about the NAC is that membership is all inclusive (spinning, group ex, yoga, pilates, pools, etc) and that the owner really wants the nutrition information provided to members to be of no added cost. While I have been reaching and educating community college students and local athletes for over four years now in Bucks County, I am ready to reach another group in the community!


That brings me to another honor/opportunity. I have been nominated for Best Nutritionist in the Bucks Happening 2015 competition. Thanks to anyone who nominated me to get into the contest, I am flattered! I am in the running with some other well established local RD’s such as Kristie Finnan of Eat Right Bucks and Jennifer Lynn Pullman of Nourished Simply. A couple of younger RD’s working under Kristie in Doylestown have been nominated too, including Heather Pavlik. I would love your support in the contest! While I wish I could encourage you to vote daily for me like some contests allow, your email address is able to be used for only one vote, which I suppose is much more fair! You can vote here whether you live in Bucks County or are being counseled or following my blog from afar:

I know it has been a while since I have gotten a recipe up here, so once we are more settled in the new house, I promise something new and exciting will be up!

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