50 Plant Based Recipes Rich in Protein

You’ve learned that the term plant based doesn’t mean vegan and you’ve seen the three considerations for repairing and building muscle with plant protein. Now you need recipes so you can fit more plants – and all of their nutrients – in to your lifestyle. Well, me and my dietitian friends have you covered! Here are 50 plant based recipes rich in protein.

50 best high protein vegan recipes

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3 Ways to Build Muscle with Plant Protein

Now that you understand what plant based means, let’s talk about everyone’s next question: can I get enough protein without meat?!

The main concern I hear from people about incorporating a plant based eating pattern (whether less or no animal product intake) is that they won’t get enough protein or be able build muscle. I’m here to tell you that is absolutely possible to build muscle with plant protein… even if you eat exclusively plants. 

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What does Plant Based Mean? What are the Benefits?

I’ve been dying to share a post with you on the benefits of plant-based eating for a while, but especially since I was able to attend the first Plant Based Nutrition Leadership Symposium, hosted by Wonderful Pistachios.* That happened to be at the start of baseball season, so now that sports nutrition for pro baseball is off of my to-do list, I have more time for thoughtful blog posts like this!  I’m excited to share with you plenty of plant-based eating benefits, along with important factors to consider.

Plant Based Benefits and Controversies
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Vegan Cranberry Macadamia Cookies

There’s nothing like a good cookie recipe when the air becomes cool in the fall. This one is giving you a break from pumpkin and apple, highlighting another delicious fall fruit: cranberries! I’ve had the base for this cookie recipe in my back pocket for awhile, but the pairing of cranberry and macadamia nuts is such a fantastic combo that it was finally time to post. In a smaller batch than most recipes, these vegan cranberry macadamia cookies are perfect to whip up any day when you and your family want a warm, sweet treat.

whole wheat vegan cookies

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Nutrition for Endurance Training

Whether it’s distance running season, triathlon season, or hours upon hours of exercise for other reasons, as training amps up, so should energy and nutrient intake! In this video and post, I’m highlighting the basics of nutrition for endurance training. If you haven’t read or watched it yet, first check out my post on the basics of macronutrients for fitness! 

Many people sign up for races with the goal of weight loss. Or, people continue training just to focus on weight maintenance. In reality that can compromise short and long term health, while adding unnecessary stress. The goal should be to enjoy the process while eating adequately to provide energy, aid in recovery, and protect all body systems. Continue reading

Broccoli Rabe & White Bean Pasta

Broccoli Rabe is a vegetable I remember my dad always eating when growing up, but for some reason, I never wanted to try it. It was just something that dad ate. Clearly I regret that now as it’s one of my favorite vegetables, with the perfect nuttiness and slight touch of bitterness. It’s amazing on pizza or in a pasta dish where there’s a bit of acid to cut that bitter flavor for those who would rather a mild green. So, naturally, I created a delicious pasta recipe of my own! This broccoli rabe pasta is filled with satisfying flavors, rich in nourishing carbohydrates, plant based protein and many essential nutrients to keep you energized for your busy life.

broccoli rabe and white bean pasta

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Macronutrients – What are they, really?

While I love cooking, baking, and all things food, there’s a lot of science available on what foods and nutrients are best to fuel our fitness. So, I’m excited to finally be getting more of that info out there on my You Tube channel and this blog. Before I go into depth on some of the trendy topics out there in the fitness and nutrition space, I thought starting with the most basic info on macronutrients (often referred to as “macros”) would serve everyone best. This should lay a solid foundation for some videos and post coming this fall and winter, while helping you better understand the “why” behind some of the ingredients and recommendations with my recipes.

macronutrients for fitness


There are three macronutrients – carbohydrate, fat and protein – and ALL are necessary to fuel your active body, even on rest days (or rest weeks). Cutting out any of these nutrients can lead to detrimental effects on the body, mind, and performance. They are the only nutrients that provide us with energy – otherwise known as calories – and as their name suggests, we need a lot of them!

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Honey Oat Pumpkin Muffins

Even if you’re team summer like me, you’ve got to admit that September is an acceptable time to start enjoying pumpkin. These lightly sweetened honey oat pumpkin muffins came together when I was attempting to upgrade an old recipe, and they certainly don’t disappoint. They’re Tim and Cooper approved, too (though, Tim of course requested I add chocolate chips next time around).

honey pumpkin muffins

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Prebiotics and Probiotics for Fitness and Health

When most people hear the term “gut health” they don’t typically associate it with fitness or energy, and rather assume it’s only about digestion. So here I’m covering the basics of how our gut plays a role in nearly all bodily functions, plus how to support it with prebiotics and probiotics!

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Balanced Back to School Lunches for Active Kids

It’s officially back to school for kids across America and for many, that means parents and kids are back at it packing food. While there’s nothing wrong with a good old PBJ, pretzels and banana, those options get old fast and variety is crucial to a healthful diet. So, I’m sharing some of my top balanced school lunches for active kids, packed with energy and nutrients to fuel your child’s busy lifestyle. Plus, they can all be made nut and peanut free as well as gluten-free! And no shame if you pack yourself the same lunch for work, too.Balanced School Lunches for Active Kids Continue reading