Eat Your Spring Greens and Wear Them Too

Disclosure: This giveaway is in partnership with Jord Wood Watches. As always, I only align myself with companies whose philosophies are similar to Eat Real Live Well, and all opinions stated are my own. Thanks for supporting brands that make this blog possible!

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Spring is in the air my friends! Just yesterday I ate my first spring onions, bought some fresh asparagus and I have been rocking a beautiful new wooden watch with emerald green detail that makes me want to eat more greens and go for a hike!

If you know me personally and have eaten a meal at my house or out with me at a restaurant, you know I’m obsessed with natural wood details. The tables in our home are made from reclaimed wood and Tim and I often pick where to go for happy hour or dinner in a new city based on a modern but rustic ambiance shouting at us. That’s why I’m so excited to not only be wearing this natural material, but to be spreading the word about Jord watches!

I had been seeing wood watches online and was very intrigued, but hadn’t bought one yet since I like to try everything on. When I popped into our local jewelry store for a ring cleaning this week, they commented on how much they loved the watch and said that while they hadn’t carried any watches for years, they had just placed their order for wood watches to have in store. Great, but a little late! I wish I had just read a review sooner, because I would have taken the plunge.

When Jord reached out about this collaboration, I was ecstatic to try the watch out and let the world know what I thought. I chose the Frankie watch in Dark Sandalwood & Emerald and when it arrived knew I made the right choice! The watches come in these beautiful wood boxes which, as someone always considering animal welfare and the environment, I love versus the leather my Burberry and Michael Korrs watches came in.

When I took the watch out of the package, I noticed not only the quality but also how wonderfully light in weight the watch is! It wasn’t a benefit I had thought of, but it’s nice for a large faced watch to not be weighing down one arm. When I’m grading, completing client recaps or blogging on my computer, I don’t feel compelled to rip it off of my wrist for comfort, which is typical for me when wearing my metal watches. Plus, it matches my home pretty well and goes nicely with any of the surfaces I eat meals on!

Or keep my nightly tea on in the living room…

If you’re convinced a wood watch has to be part of your spring wardrobe, or you’re already ahead of the game for Father’s Day shopping, don’t go spending your greens just yet; stick to eating them. You don’t even have to comment on my blog or follow anything or anyone 🙂

The link below will enter you to win $100 towards women’s watches or men’s watches on Jord’s website! Even if you aren’t the winner, they’ll still send you a $25 credit to use on their site.

Click to Enter to Win $100 Towards a New Wood Watch

The contest is open this weekend only (through 3/26/17 at 11:59 PM), so enter now and get your spouse to enter for you, too 🙂

Watches Made From Wood

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